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AK47 Technical Information:

Technical information on the AK47 assault rifle, tecnical data may vary depending on which version of the AK47 you have.

Caliber 7.62×39 mm
Action Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Overall length: 870 mm
Barrel length: 415 mm
Weight, with empty magazine: AK 4,3 kg; AKM 3,14 kg
Magazine capacity 30 rounds (40 rounds box magazines and 75 rounds drums from RPK also may be used)
Cyclic rate of fire 600 rounds per minute

Variants of the AK47:

Variants of the AK47 include: Bulgarian AK47 assault rifle The AK 47 Assault Rifle There are many variations of the AK 47 assault rifle. The AK may come as a semi-automatic or as a full-automatic rifle. The semi-automatic is for civilian use and the full-automatic version is for military and person's with the license to have them. The AK 47 assault rifle comes in: AKS-47, RPK, AKM, AKMS, AK74, AK101, AK103, AK107, AK200, Saiga, KSK shotgun Countries that produce the AK 47: The AK47 is one of the most widely produced assault rifles in the world. It is extremely durable, reliable and is very cheap to mass produce.

AK 47 underfolder with drum:

ak47 underfolder with 75 round drum


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ak 47 fully automatic assault rifle

Romanian AK-47
During the early 1960s, the Romanian Military has placed a pistol grip on the front hand guard, underneath the barrel of the AKM version of the Russian AK-47. The rifle was named the Pistol Metraliera 1963. Several decades later, Century Arms, a U.S. company, decided to meet the Kalashnikov demand of the U.S. by importing these cheap AKs. But, several legislations in the 1990s hindered the process.

The Federal Law 18 USC 922R states that 10 major components of a semi automatic weapon categorized by the law must be manufactured domestically. Also, the infamous Federal Assault Weapons Ban in 1994 stipulated that semi automatic weapons must be sold with a ten-round magazine only.

Due to these legislations, most of the internal components of the WASR-10 or the Romanian AK 47 such as the gas mechanism, the trigger group, bolt and others must be produced in the U.S. and mounted on the gun before being sold domestically. Also, the Assault Weapons Gun has restricted the WASR-10s to be sold with a modified magazine. The gun has been restricted to a 10-round stack magazine.
All these modifications might make you think that the Romanian AK 47 does not represent the personality of the true AK-47 assault rifle. The Romanian AK 47 sold in the market these days are pre ban and post ban model with a narrowed magazine.  But, since the Assault Weapons Ban has been lifted, the latest Romanian AK 47 available in the market has un-narrowed magazines.  

The Romanian AK 47 was manufactured with plenty of modifications, yet at a low cost. You might expect that it is less reliable and hard to use than the other AK-47s. The Romanian AK 47 is very authentic looking and felt comfortable to use. Also, the assault rifle can fire consistent shots decently.

The laxity of the assault rifle may require users to get used to it. Like its magazine situation, the bolt feels good and freer than other assault rifles. The bolt is more like a slick-slack rather than being a click-clack. The trigger of the gun is light making it easy to pull. The progressively building tension and the shot it delivers won’t surprise you, not to mention the7.62X39’s recoil that never feels excessive.
Firing the Romanian AK 47 is no problem at all. In addition, the annoying issues of the AK-47 such as the short sight radius, loud alert safety switch as well as the bold that does not stay open once the gun has been empty were improved. You will admire the Romanian AK 47s’ design. It is ruggedly brilliant wherein ultimate precession is no longer required to achieve its effectiveness. 

Although there are several assault rifles better than the Romanian AK 47 in a number of ways, the rifle still delivers accuracy as well as ergonomics compared to high-end assault rifles twice its price. Besides, the added high capacity and detachable magazine is a nice feature. The Romanian AK 47 is one of the best selling assault rifles these days.




      Be sure to thoroughly clean your gun every time after you fire it.


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