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AK47 Technical Information:

Technical information on the AK47 assault rifle, tecnical data may vary depending on which version of the AK47 you have.

Caliber 7.62×39 mm
Action Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Overall length: 870 mm
Barrel length: 415 mm
Weight, with empty magazine: AK 4,3 kg; AKM 3,14 kg
Magazine capacity 30 rounds (40 rounds box magazines and 75 rounds drums from RPK also may be used)
Cyclic rate of fire 600 rounds per minute

Variants of the AK47:

Variants of the AK47 include: Bulgarian AK47 assault rifle The AK 47 Assault Rifle There are many variations of the AK 47 assault rifle. The AK may come as a semi-automatic or as a full-automatic rifle. The semi-automatic is for civilian use and the full-automatic version is for military and person's with the license to have them. The AK 47 assault rifle comes in: AKS-47, RPK, AKM, AKMS, AK74, AK101, AK103, AK107, AK200, Saiga, KSK shotgun Countries that produce the AK 47: The AK47 is one of the most widely produced assault rifles in the world. It is extremely durable, reliable and is very cheap to mass produce.

AK 47 underfolder with drum:

ak47 underfolder with 75 round drum


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ak 47 fully automatic assault rifle

Hungarian AK47
The inception and the way the AK-47 was designed made significance in the changes and implementations on the firearms that are now being used in the military. Its inception also brought about a line of the AK-47 variant and models that the world now has. And, because of the associated success on the launching of this item, it is no longer surprising why it is being manufactured in several countries. At the moment, one of the most common AKs you can hear about is the Hungarian AK47.

Overview of the Hungarian AK47
It is the Hungarian line of AKs where the first of groups of it were created. Many of these were designed. Among these is the AMD-65. It was during the 1950s as well as 1960s when military engineers started designing these types of AKs. These are lighter ones and more compact. The items were especially designed to be carried and used by those from the airborne forces and secondary troops, including supply convoys, ordinance folks, military police and tank crewman.  From that experiment, the Hungarian AMD-65 was born. This model is similar to the M-1 Carbine, but one that offers more bite.

Some of the Most Popular from the Hungarian AK47
Hungarian AKM-63 – It was first produced in the year 1963. The firearm is a full size rifle featuring a stock made from wood, fore-end made from metal and a foregrip used with wood. The last feature is designed for enabling assistance in controlling the risk of recoil once an automatic fire is made. This does not have an upper handguard. It is among those most significant on the AK list due to its rarity. There are only around 1,100 of the model imported in the United States.
Hungarian AMD-65 – It is a semi-automatic rifle that’s also considered as among the rarest. The rifles are featuring a black finish, a working folder stock on the side and a forward and rear pistol grip. It is also featuring an original chrome-lined barrel along with an extended muzzle-break. The featured wire stock that folds in the side is made sure to be fitted to enable maneuverability in spaces that are confined like in armored tanks and vehicles. It offers a sight radius and a barrel that is shorter, which made it less accurate than the Hungarian AKM-63. However, it compensated this aspect with its overall handiness. It is designed to be a 2-round magazine as well.

FEG NGM-81 – It is a domestic rifle that is based on the original Hungarian AK47. However, it is one that is designed and built to be exported. It is for that reason why it is designed in the dimension of 5.56 by 45mm. But, there are others that have a dimension of 5.45 by 39mm. FEG NGM-81 were rifles engineered between the year 1981 and 1990. The original ones were made with the fixed butt along with the fore-end made from wood.

Hungarian AK47, like the other famous AKs, was the selection that is being used in the military up until now. However, only a few of it still remain, which even collectors feel sad about. Thus, lucky are those who still have and keep one.



      Be sure to thoroughly clean your gun every time after you fire it.


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