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Feature Gun: The Glock 17

The Glock 17 9mm semi automatic pistol The Glock 17 semi-auto pistol was developed by Austrian gun designer Gaston Glock. The Glock 17 is in caliber 919 and is one of the most reliable and durable guns in the world.

This is why it has been adopted by many of the world's top law enforcement agencies. The Glock 17 holds 17 rounds and is fairly accurate out of the box. The Glock 17 is Guns Knowledge Featured Gun because of its low cost, high magazine capacity, accuracy and Glock's world renowned reliability and durability. I have owned a Glock 17 for the past 6 years, fed over 1,500 rounds of all types of ammo through it and have NEVER had a misfire. You can purchase a new Glock for around $500 or a nice used one for around $400. I highly recommend a Glock and I would and do trust it with my life.

The Glock 17 pistol:

glock 17 handgun in 9mm




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glock pistol

Glock Pistols

Glock 17 Standard

Glock 19 Compact

Glock 22 pistol

Glock 23 pistol

Glock 26 Sub Compact

Glock 34 Competition

More Coming Soon!

The Glock Pistols are known the world over for being the most reliable and efficient handguns. If you have never tried shooting a glock, we highly recommend you trying one. If you have shot a glock before, you know what we are talking about. We have tried many brands of guns over the years, but keep coming back to the glock over and over again.

Glock 22 in OD Green:

glock 22 handgun in od green

      Be sure to thoroughly clean your gun every time after you fire it.


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