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AK47 Technical Information:

Technical information on the AK47 assault rifle, tecnical data may vary depending on which version of the AK47 you have.

Caliber 7.62×39 mm
Action Gas operated, rotating bolt with 2 lugs
Overall length: 870 mm
Barrel length: 415 mm
Weight, with empty magazine: AK 4,3 kg; AKM 3,14 kg
Magazine capacity 30 rounds (40 rounds box magazines and 75 rounds drums from RPK also may be used)
Cyclic rate of fire 600 rounds per minute

Variants of the AK47:

Variants of the AK47 include: Bulgarian AK47 assault rifle The AK 47 Assault Rifle There are many variations of the AK 47 assault rifle. The AK may come as a semi-automatic or as a full-automatic rifle. The semi-automatic is for civilian use and the full-automatic version is for military and person's with the license to have them. The AK 47 assault rifle comes in: AKS-47, RPK, AKM, AKMS, AK74, AK101, AK103, AK107, AK200, Saiga, KSK shotgun Countries that produce the AK 47: The AK47 is one of the most widely produced assault rifles in the world. It is extremely durable, reliable and is very cheap to mass produce.

AK 47 underfolder with drum:

ak47 underfolder with 75 round drum


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ak 47 fully automatic assault rifle

AK47 Assault Riflts

Russian AK47

Polish AK47

Romanian AK47

Chinese AK47

East German AK47

Egyptian AK47

Hungairan AK47

Yugoslavian AK47

Bulgarian AK47

Stamped vs Milled AK47

AK47 Assault Rifle

The AK47, otherwise known as the AK 47, AK-47, AK, Avtomat Kalashnikova, Kalashnikov, or Kalash, is one of the most recognizable, easy to use and manufacture, dependable, and reliable guns in the world. The Romanian, Bulgarian, Yugoslovian, and Soviet are just a few examples of countries that produce AK 47 assault rifles. The AK47 in the fully automatic version, as pictures above is extremely reliable and efficient weapon.


The AK47 was originally designed in the Soviet Union in 1945 by Mikhail Kalashnikov. The AK 47 is the original assault rifle and has been manufactured more than all the other assult rifles combined. The AK47 comes in either fully automatic or semi automatic variations. If I could only have one gun, it would be the AK47. This is primarily because the AK is THE MOST reliable, dependable and most cost-effective assault rifle in the world.

Advantages of the AK 47 Assault Rifle The AK47 has a very simple design (which make it easy to field strip and clean) and has a compact and light-weight design (great for carry). It is also extremely reliable and can easily remain reliable even after 20-40 years of hard military use. As with most other assault rifles, with this reliability comes a decrease in accuracy, but since the AK is used primarily for close to mid-range combact it is the perfect weapon. This gun can endure excessive abuse and still function without misfire. Even with mud, dirt and harsh terrain exposure, the AK47 with almost never have misfires. The low cost and extreme reliability makes this GunsKnowledge.com's "best gun" for the assault rifle class of guns.

ak47 assault rifle

The AK47 is produced throughout the world and in the following countries: Albania, Bangledesh, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Peoples Republic of China, German Democratic Repuplic, Egypt, Ethipoia, Hungary, Iraq, India, Iran, Israel, Finland, Macedonia, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Poland, Romania, Serbia, South Africa, Sudan, Vietnam, Venezuela, Yugoslovia AK47 Technical Information: romanian ak47

      Be sure to thoroughly clean your gun every time after you fire it.


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